Hatfield Clydesdales Heading

A Bit Of History

Some of the Great people that I have had the privilege to know, who have now passed on.

Linda Thomson - Mom
Linda Thomson (Mom)

If I could make one wish for all of humanity
it would be that every child would have a loving and caring mother like I had.

Ken Brown
Ken Brown

Owner / operator of Valley View Percherons of Lenore, Manitoba.
A breeder of big Percheron horses, a top of the line horseman
who always took time to share his knowledge.

Irvan Chamberlin
Irvan Chamberlin, Semans, Saskatchewan

One of my first employers, a breeder of top quality Percheron horses,
and an excellent caretaker of livestock.

Clayton Hobman
Clayton Hobman, Nokomis, Saskatchewan

Neighbour, friend, and Percheron breeder.
A great supporter of youth, good guy to work for, and an excellent story teller.

Lorne Lee
Lorne Lee, Nokomis, Saskatchewan

Family friend for over 30 years,
a better neighbour would be hard to find.

Wreford Hewson
Wreford Hewson

A breeder and importer of world class Clydesdales,
who was willing to share some insight with an aspiring Clydesdale breeder.

Eddie Arnold
Eddie Arnold, Shoal Lake, Manitoba

Croydon Clydesdales
A real gentleman, who loved to raise big weighty Clydesdales.
Over 50% of the Clydesdales at Hatfield descend from his breeding.

Aspiration and Commander were both draft horses sired by Bardrill Castle
who have influenced our herd through their daughters.
Commander, Croydon Isabel and the Iona family.
And Aspiration, Croydon Miss Judy and the Laura Lea Happy Magic daughters.

Millisle Verna
Millisle Verna
Maternal granddam of Spirit Of Maple Stone
- one of our current stallions.

Mandalong Super Flag
Mandalong Super Flag
Grand Champion Shorthorn Bull at Denver in 1974.
Three daughters of this grand old lad are still walking the pastures at Hatfield.